I love, love, love playing with my fishing pole toy.

My Story

Hi. My name is Frangipani but I go by Frangi. I adopted mommy in the cat room at Petsmart.

I am a grey and white lady cat with a mask and mantle pattern. We think I have some Russian Blue in me because of the way my grey parts look. I have a white tail tip and I can wrinkle my nose.

I love everyone, even the vet and my dream is to cuddle.

I adore playing with Da Bird or any fishing pole toy. I know where they are kept in a plastic bag and I will paw the bag and make lots of crinkling noise until mommy takes the toy out and plays with me.

If you hold me on your shoulder, I will put my paws around your neck and purr and purr and knead. I try to participate in Purrs4Peace as often as I can. The only problem is my claws can hurt the humans. Mommy keeps them very well trimmed. I don’t like that much but I’m pretty patient about it, anyway.

At grandma’s in New York City.

My tail is white at the tip.

With Daddy.

My Fursibs

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