My first day home. I’m not quite sure about this....

My Story

Hi. I’m Java. I’m a medium-hair calico lady cat.

We don’t know much about my previous life, except that my owner dropped me off at Broward Animal Control with the message: “Java, I can’t afford to take care of you any more.” It might have had something to do with an old abscess I had on my neck, which needed to be surgically drained. Because I was young (2-3 years), friendly and pretty, I was referred to Animal Aid, a rescue in Boca Raton, FL.

Once the abscess had been drained, I should have been perfectly OK, but things weren’t to be that easy. I started scratching my neck and scratching it and scratching it until I had dug big bleeding sores in it. Nothing Lee at Animal Aid did would stop me from scratching. 

Finally, Lee decided that I needed a foster mom who could watch me closely and that’s how I came to live in my current home. Of course mommy and daddy fell in love with me and ended up adopting me.

I kept itching and itching and it finally turned out I had ringworm and had to be treated for that (along with everyone else in the household). My, was that a long treatment! We thought that would be it but I kept scratching even after the ringworm was gone. So I was given a special hypoallergenic diet in case it was a food allergy but that didn’t help, either. Now I got tested for allergies and started on allergy shots and we are hoping this stops the itching. In the meanwhile I’m the cat in the jacket. I wear an extra-small doggy jacket with the sleeves and the back cut off (they cramped my style) and that keeps me from scratching wounds in my neck. I wear nail caps, too.

But this is supposed to be about me, not my diseases! I’m a very, very sweet kitty. I love to snuggle on your shoulder and lick your face or lick your hands when you are petting me. I have beautiful green eyes and long curved white whiskers and a truly magnificent tail! I love my fishing pole toy. I used to love taking walks on a leash, though the dermatologist said no more of that because I’m very allergic to grass. Still, I sneak out once in a while. And I love taking a nap in my carrier. Honest!

I’m feeling better now. I love Da Bird!

It turns out I have ringworm and had to be shaved to help control its spread.

My Fursibs

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I’m still itching so now I wear a jacket and nail caps so I don’t scratch wounds in my skin.