Little Bit


My Story


Hi. My name is Artemis, but I go by Little Bit. I got the nickname because I was so little when my humans first adopted me. I weighed just one pound (450 g). I fit inside one of daddy’s shoes. The vet thought I was about 6 weeks old. I’m not so little now. Last time mommy checked, I weighed 6.6 kg (that’s 14.5 lbs). I admit I’m a bit plump but I am big. About the only thing that’s still little about me is my voice. I still say “eeeeee,” just like I did as a wee little girl kitten.

I am a dilute torbie (that’s a tortoiseshell who’s a tabby) and also a smoke (sometimes called chinchilla). This means that each of my hairs is pigmented only at the tip. The shaft is white. It makes for some interesting effects. That’s not white on my neck; it’s very pale grey.

I was found in a barn along with my littermates. Our mother had disappeared and we needed homes. My humans picked me out because I was very vocal and they thought I could stand up to all the other cats they had at home.

When the humans brought me home I cried and cried. They offered me canned food: I cried. They went out and bought me kitten formula: I bit off the end of the nipple and cried. They fed me the formula by spoon: I cried real loud. They sat down to take a rest: I ambled over to the big cats’ kibble and ate it. Since then I have wanted to eat nothing but kibble. Mommy says I’m unnatural because I won’t even eat tuna! I do like bread, especially brioche, and cashew nuts. And I just love soft caramel candy.

As the above example shows, I am a cat that knows her mind. I want what I want and when I want it. Don’t try to change my mind!

When I was about four month’s old, mommy brought home a little sick kitten. We hissed at each other for about five minutes, but after that we started playing and we’ve been great friends ever since. She’s my big sister Bassie (though she’s smaller than me).


First day in my new home.

Getting weighed.

I was a typical kitten; got into everything.

I love my big sister Bassie.

My Fursibs

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