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My Story


Hi. My name is Bastet but I go by “Bassie.” MizzBassie is my Twitter name.

I am a Maine Coon mix lady cat living in Miami, FL, USA.

I was born in a street in Miami and was befriended by some nice young people. They couldn’t keep me because their father was allergic, so they found me what they thought was a good home. Alas, a few days later I came back, hid under their couch and would not come out. I wouldn’t eat or drink. A neighbor lady said she had seen my new owner kicking me.

The nice people knew I was sick but didn’t have the money to take me to the vet. They brought me to a kind lady who took one look at me and drove me to the vet at top speed. When the vet saw me, I already had a low body temperature, was dehydrated and was having a lot of trouble breathing. It turned out that when the bad human kicked me, he ruptured my diaphragm and gave me a diaphragmatic hernia. I had to have surgery to save my life. The vet said there was a good chance I wouldn’t survive surgery, but the kind lady knew that if I didn’t have surgery, I would die for sure and she wanted to give me a chance. And here I am! The kind lady adopted me and now she’s my mommy!

I now live in a comfy house with three fursibs and a foster kitty. I am healthy, happy and loved. I am in charge of everyone, of course, though I let the others think otherwise sometimes!  I am a great huntress. No lizard escapes with its life.

We think I am part Maine Coon because of the way I look and because I love water and use my paws to get at things. But I’m not very large; I weigh 9 pounds.


Mommy knew right away that she wanted to keep me but daddy took some convincing.

My first day home. I was about eight months old and weighed only two pounds because of my hard life on the streets.

My new home came with a baby sister. Her name is Little Bit. She’s about four months younger but has always been bigger than me.

I knew I had stumbled upon something good and I was staying!

My Fursibs

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