My Story

Hi. My name is Zabijaka but I go by “Zabi.” I’m a black and white gentleman cat with beautiful green eyes. I used to live in Miami but now I’m a Manhattanite.

My name means “swashbuckler” in Polish. I got it because I was always getting into fights with other street cats. I won, of course. Unfortunately we have recently found out that I am FIV positive. I have no health problems related to this but I am being watched closely.

I used to belong to the neighbors until they moved away and neglected to take me along. I didn’t mind much, because I was already spending a lot of time over at mommy’s. When the neighbors didn’t come back for me for six months, mommy took me to her vet to get me checked out and vaccinated.

I was an outside cat for several years and mommy wanted to find me an indoor home. It just so happened that grandma, who was living all alone in New York City, needed some company. So mommy brought me to New York to be with her and I have been very loved and spoiled here.

Here I am dining over at mommy’s even when I officially lived with the neighbors.

I was an outside cat but I got to come in when the weather was bad, like during hurricane watches.

When I first moved to new York, I spent a lot of time under the bed.

I soon got over it, however, and found out city living can be pretty good. Here I am with grandma. I am very much loved.

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